The First 50 Years!

1934    Foundation Stone for Church and Convent laid on All Saints' Day by Bishop Hugh MacSherry.

1935    Assumption Convent blessed and opened on Assumption Day 1935.

1936    Dedication and blessing of St. Patrick's Church. 

1940's  Passion Mural painted on front wall of Church.

1945    First foundation of the Catholic Women's League in Port Elizabeth begins at St. Patrick's under the Spiritual leadership of Reverend Father Dahille.

1950    Church interior was repainted.

1961    Silver Jubilee - 25th Anniversary celebration held on February, 8th 1961.

1968    Dome of bell-tower struck by lightning on 2nd February 1968 at 2.00 a.m.

1971    New Presbytery built by Father Michael O'Brien.

1974    Assumption Convent and school is closed.

1977    Lourdes Grotto built and blessed in front of Church.

1980    Consecration of St. Patrick's Church on April 27th 1980 by Bishop John P. Murphy.

1981    Ascension mural painted on wall in Gallery - Choir loft.

1983    Exterior of Church painted. 

1985    New lighting installed in Church.

1986    Golden Jubilee - 50th Anniversary of the dedication of St. Patrick's Church - Jubilee Year.

The Church Under Construction

Bishop Hugh MacSherry


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