Extract from the Booklet Celebrating the Parish's 50th Anniversary

"Some fifty years later – where do we find ourselves, our parish, of church, our country, our world? Would our ancestors recognise us, our faith, our spirit, our church, our country and our world if they were to return today?
In compiling a brief history for our Golden Jubilee it is so easy to see that some things have changed whilst others have not changed: in our fiftieth year, let us try to recall and remember with a sense of thanksgiving and gratitude to God for all the gifts that our parish has received; gifts which are never ending, never changing – God’s faithfulness, the generosity in service of former priests and religious, especially the Sisters of the Assumption Convent in Sydenham, plus the deep and abiding love and faithful dedication of so many St. Patrick’s parishioners over these years. This day, this year, is meant to be a time of grace, a time of jubilee. Hopefully we find ourselves with a similar spirit and faith that both strengthen and motivated those who have gone before us, a faith, a spirit which speaks about loving God, loving neighbour and oneself, and building His kingdom within our own midst, beginning here at St. Patrick’s."


"If we are able to take the time to sit back to reflect, to recall the situation of the world, the church, and the needs of the people in the time when our church was first beginning, then I believe that we might find ourselves at a similar time, a similar place, with similar fears, hopes and concerns. In the early 30s there was fear of what would happen in terms of another World War. There were those who were filled with questions, with hesitation, and with fear not only about war, but building, responding in faith to the present moment and the future, which was TOMORROW. As we celebrate this 50th Anniversary it is important not only to look backward, it is important not only to look forward, but it is important to look at this moment, to look at today and tomorrow and to recommit ourselves in faith, in hope and in love to building a kingdom not only for ourselves but a kingdom for all God’s people, and for those who follow us in 25 years, in 50 years, in 100 years."

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